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You Might Not Expect This!

coffee post

Everybody knows coffee from Colombia, South America and Africa. Some people know coffee from Hawaii or Indonesia.

But very few people know Himalayan coffee.

But it won’t be for long, once people start to taste this delicacy.

The Himalayan mountains make for a unique flavor and refinement. When true connoisseurs talk about the taste of coffee, they always include information about the climate and soil conditions.

These are what build the character that finds it’s way into the coffee beans. And that is what comes out during the brewing process and what you taste when you take your first sip.

So take a look at our article on Himalayan coffee beans.

Besides a great taste, this is also a fantastic way to support the local farmers. If you buy fair trade of course.

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The Importance of Himalaya

We all know Mount Everest, but the Himalayas are so much more. In fact, without this massive mountain range, most of India would be as dry as it can be.

The Himalayas are like a comb for water. They draw the water out of the warm moist air that is coming from the ocean.

And that is why right behind it is a desert. But that desert fulfills it’s own destiny.

It has been the subject of some of the best stories of exploration and adventure. Alexander the Great fought one of his greatest battles right here.

So you see how important this mountain range is. And that is why we are striving to keep it in the best possible condition.

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