Replacing Vape Coils- What You Need To Know


The coil is probably one of the most over-utilized part of a vape. This is why it also happens to be one of the most commonly replaced. However, you need not wait till it comes to that because clearly, you got your new vape to enjoy every vaping moment and nothing ought to come between you and your lovely puffs. But how do you tell that something is amiss with your coil? Usually, you would notice an unpleasant taste when you billow away your puffs, or there could be a gurgling sound each time you take a puff.

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But the perfect indicator of a vape coil that’s fast slipping into disuse is when you get a burnt taste in your flavored e-juice. When either or all of these happen, it is time to check the internal mechanics of your e-cig and ensure you fix the problem with your coil before the whole vaping becomes a distasteful experience. Thankfully, replacing vape coils is a quick and easy procedure. But before we delve into the steps, let us examine further how to tell that your coil needs a change.

When Do I Tell That The Vape Coil Needs Replacing?

As a general rule, every vape coil should be replaced every few weeks. 1 – 2 weeks is ideal. This should come naturally even when there is no apparent change in the taste of your flavored e-juice or any other changes as highlighted above. But aside from that, there are various other factors that determine how often you need to change the coil.

The nature of liquid you are using – Most vapers prefer liquids that contain high VG. VG is an abbreviation for Vegetable Glycerin, and it refers to a thick liquid used to add sweetness to your e-liquid. VG is normally contrasted with PG [Propyl Glycerol] which is considered thinner and tasteless. As most vapers cannot opt for only one of these liquids, they instead go for what is known as a PG/VG ratio. Different e-liquid flavors contain different PG/VG ratios so it is imperative you understand what the ratio is before choosing your preferred flavor. Now, due to its thickness, a high VG content in your e-liquid will wear out the wicks faster than e-liquids that contain balanced PG/VG ratios.

The power you are using – The amount of vaping power you use also determines how frequently your vape coils will require replacing. The rate by which coils wear out increases if they are used with a variable-voltage mod, and more so if you regularly adjust the power.

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How often you vape – It is only logical that if you puff longer hours in a day, you will likely use more power. Therefore, your coils would require replacement more often as compared to those who do it only occasionally. Usually, those who vape more frequently might have to replace their coils every week, as opposed to occasional vapers whose vape coils can last up to 3 weeks.

Changes in taste and flavor of your vape juice – As we already mentioned in the earliest sections of this post, one of the indications of a burnt coil is a burnt taste of the vape juice, or if it becomes less flavorful. This can easily be detected when after vaping, you are left with a burnt aftertaste or a sour taste in your mouth. Essentially, this awful taste is caused when the e-juice clogs the coil. The situation can be worse depending on the sweetness of the juices you use. For instance, sweet and sugary juices are known to caramelize on your coil as the coil heats up, thereby clogging up more easily on the coil than juices that are less sugary. You may also check the color of the coil. A black or brown color signifies a burnt coil that requires replacement.

If there is little vapor – If the batteries on your vape are fully charged, they should produce enough vape. If you check and determine the battery is not the problem, then perhaps it is time to replace the coil.

How To Go About Replacing Vape Coils

Step: 1 – Disassemble The Vape

In order to disassemble the vape, follow this procedure;

  1. Unscrew the tank so as to detach it from the body in a bid to expose the coil. Usually, the tank is unscrewed from its bottom section, though this may not necessarily be the case with your vape. If unscrewing from the bottom, you turn the tank upside down before using your hands to twist it off. If there are any juices remaining, blot them out using a paper towel to prevent your hands from getting greasy.
  2. The next step is to empty all liquid from the tank. You can do this by simply dumping out the juice in a trash can. It would be unreasonable to recycle it as it probably already tastes awful. But remember that when replacing the coil, there should be very little [if any] of the old vape juice left in it.
  3. The last step in disassembling your vape is to unscrew the coil. If you are doing this for the first time, note that the coil will often be located near the base of the unit. Pull it off using your hand or if too greasy, use a paper towel. When removing the coil, remember to twist it in the anticlockwise direction until it completely comes off the bottom of the vape.

Step: 2 – Add Your New Coil

Follow the below procedure when adding a new coil.

  1. First and foremost, ensure you get your vape the right coil. You can do this by reading the instructions on your vape or if in doubt, you could bring your vape with you to the local store and inquire further. Next, ensure that your new coil is pre-saturated with the vape juice you intend to use with it. The reason for doing this is so as to prevent the cotton in the coil from burning. It is important to remember that since it is a new coil, the cotton is new and dry, and if you place it directly onto your vape, it will automatically get burnt. Usually, 5 – 8 drops are enough for this but can be more or less as that depends on the size of the cotton and coil. Once you have added the drops, allow for up to 60 seconds to be sure the cotton is fully saturated.
  2. After saturation, attach the new coil into your vape by screwing it into place. After inserting it into the bottom, twist the coil clockwise till it becomes secure, ensuring the cotton faces upwards.
  3. Lastly, screw back the tank into the unit, also in a clockwise direction. If the tank is in place, go ahead and fill it up using your new, fresh juice.


And there goes our complete guide on replacing vape coils. We hope you can now billow away blissfully knowing if anything goes wrong with your coil, replacing it will be a piece of cake.

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