The Juul’s pros and cons.

Juul is a variety of e-cigarette that has become one of the most widely used by many people. Juul is a flash like a device with a flat and smooth surface. The ingredients used to make Juul are flavorants, nicotine, a mixture of propylene and glycerol, and the benzoic acid.

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These ingredients are activated by heat, unlike other types of E-cigarette that are activated by use of flame. This device contains pods that are used to store the vape juice that contains some content of nicotine. The liquids pods in a Juul contain comes in a variety of flavors depending on the user’s preference. To use a Juul, it is essential to charge it first to get the energy to supply the heating. Juul has a power approximated to 8Watt and has one year warranty after purchasing. In this article, we are advancing to study the advantages and the disadvantages of this type of e-cigarette. Some of the Juul pros and cons are;


  1. Using Juul is safer than smoking.
    According to several kinds of research conducted about using a Juul, it is clear that using Juul is 95% safer than smoking. That makes the Juul users enjoy some health benefits from being smoke-free. Since there is no ash or tar production during Juuling, one is assured that he/she is free from the health problems related to ash and tar due to combustion. Therefore by using the Juul, you will enjoy the benefits of having improved oral hygiene, avoid lousy smell involved during smoking, good lung health, avoid skin, and circulation complication.
  2. Easy to use.
    Using a Juul is very easy as compared to the other e-cigarette. Many people prefer using JUUl because of how easy it is to use them. Using a Juul is very simple because the only thing you need to do is place the pod in the JUUl battery and vape it anytime you want. The JUUL does not have complicated buttons which require settings before you start. Also, once the pod that contains the e-juice is empty, you only need to get a new one and replace it. Many people prefer using JUUL because of this advantage.
  3. Warranty and customer services.
    There are some things that one needs to win customer loyalty. Some of those things are such as giving a customer warrant and other supportive services when one is using the product. Therefore the Juul manufactures are always there for their clients to offers all the necessary information that is needed by the customers. More so the Juul comes with a one-year warranty that assures the user in case of any defaults, the manufacturer will replace the faulty item. That makes many people prefer choosing Juul over the other types of e-cigarette.
  4. Controlled intake of nicotine
    There are several adverse effects of high levels of nicotine in ones’ health. Some of the reasons why high nicotine levels are not suitable for your health care. Some of those adverse effects include: nicotine causes an increase in the heart rate, leads to narrowing of the arteries that carry blood, increases the level of blood pressure, can lead to heart attack and many more. Therefore the JUUl has a controlled level of nicotine that makes it suitable for your health. That makes many people prefer using it because it offers a 1.7% nicotine strength.
  5. Amazing flavors.
    Another advantage of the Juul is that it contains different flavors. Unlike other types of e-cigarette e-juice with minimal flavors, the Juul has various flavors such as mint, mango, and others. Therefore these amazing flavors enable one to enjoy Juuling any time of the day. Another good thing with these flavors is that one cannot know if you have been smoking because the flavors will outdo the odors smell related to the tobacco.
  6. Uses the latest technology
    Unlike the other e-cigarette that the e-juice could have the leaking problems, the Juul user does not have to worry about such issues because the Juul uses the latest technology to manufacture its pods. The mouthpiece of the Juul has an excellent cotton pad that prevents the e-juice from entering the user’s mouth. Several complications occur when one swallows the e-juice. Therefore to prevents such problems; the Juul has been made in a way that no leakage of the e-juice can occur. The bottom of the Juul’s pods cannot allow leakage from the battery connection. This feature makes it excellent.
  7. Juul is small and discrete
    Another good thing with the Juul is that the Juul is very light in weight and also small in size. That makes it more portable, and you can put it anywhere without anyone noticing. A Juul weighs only 14 grams when everything is installed correctly and ready for use. Many people prefer getting Juul because of its size. Another useful thing concerning this item is that the Juul beneficial for the people who want to smoke without drawing other people‚Äôs attention. That means one can use the Juul without the person next to him/her realizing. That is why it is most people prefer Juul. Many use Juul in places such as offices, clubs, and bars without attracting other people’s attention.
    Some of the other advantages of this product are that it has consistent puffs, hits just like a cigarette, contains authentic flavors and its very durable.


  1. Contains limited nicotine
    Some people prefer to stop using products that have nicotine in it ultimately when they quit smoking. But for the Juul there is a small amount of nicotine, that is 1.7 %. That makes people who don’t want to indulge smoking again quit using this product because of the nicotine present in it.
  2. Not available in different parts of the world.
    Since the introduction of the e-cigarette has lasted for only one decade and some few years. The e-cigarettes have not been well known in many countries. That means their usage in other countries. Mostly the E-cigarettes are commonly used in the United States, France, Israel, and some few other countries. Therefore there are very many smokers who would wish to access the Juul in their country, but it’s not possible. Some of the other disadvantages of the Juul are such as contains only limited colors, has uncertain health risks, and many more.
    Thus by considering the above-discussed Juul pros and cons, it is clear that the JUUL has fantastic benefits over the other types of E-cigarettes.
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